Dear Colleagues,

This is a re- invitation to all students of familial Mediterranean fever all over the world. As you may recall we had had planned to meet in İstanbul in June 2020 to discuss the latest scientific contributions in this field and to exchange our perspectives for future collaborations. Unfortunately, as happened to many other gatherings, we had to cancel FMF2020 meeting due to Covid19-pandemic. As of today, nobody knows when we will be able to meet in person again. However virtual, we decided to revive our dream of coming together to share our accumulated questions, and answers regarding FMF, which grew even more as a consequence of this worldwide threat. Our motto is ‘Changing concepts and changing needs in FMF’! Also we are very thrilled to host a unique session on plague and Covid-19 pandemics and FMF, with the intention to contribute to a ‘new dialogue’ between historians and medical specialists.

We are very thankful to all our colleagues who kindly accepted to contribute to FMF2021 meeting. We want this platform to catalyze several collaborative projects. Each one of your presence is so valuable.

We are looking forward to meet you ‘online’ between 17-19 May, 2021!

Prof. Dr. Huri Özdoğan
President of FMF2021
Prof. Dr. Serdal Uğurlu
Secretary of FMF2021

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